Areas of Work

Through our partnership with CUF and the Diocese of Canterbury we aim to improve access to resources, make local work more effective, and create a framework for others to respond to the social challenges in Kent.

We engage with churches of all denominations, as well as faith based organisations, to encourage them to work together and with others in responding to poverty and marginalisation. Through the Communities and Partnerships department at Canterbury Diocese we offer practical advice and guidance to parishes considering how they can better serve the socially and financially deprived in their communities.

Current projects include:

Connecting Canterbury which works through a small but dedicated team of volunteers to help people in financial distress

Expansion of the Places of Welcome drop in cafes and community support hubs which tackle loneliness and isolation in the community

Building up financial capability in communities

The Break the Cycle project which aims to end the cycle of re-offending caused by releasing people from prison into street homelessness

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